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Finished reading Andrew Lynch's Demi Heroes, as planned, and just a few moments ago I also finished Kyra Halland's Beneath the Canyons. It was okay, but nothing special.

I also started Robert Jordan's The Fires of Heaven, since I'm doing a massive Wheel of Time reread. Well, partially a re-read, since I think I only read to the end of the seventh book when I read them the first time, and now the series has finished and there are so many more books to it, so soon enough I'll be reaching material I haven't seen before. As it is, it's been long enough since I first read it that many of the events have been forgotten, so it's half like reading the books for the first time anyway.

And for my third trick book, I've started re-reading Ferrett Steinmetz's The Flux, since the third book in the series is being released soon and I want to catch up so that I can fully enjoy it when it's out.


My health hasn't been that great for the past few days. I've been feeling tired, run-down, and probably most of that is because I actually did far more than normal last week. 2 doctor's appointments, a visit to the hospital for bloodwork, the pharmacy for more medications, the farmer's market because there's a wonderful stall that sells sweets every Saturday, and one of the days on which I didn't do much was preceded by insomnia. Plus I don't have as much energy as most people, due to ongoing health problems, so even though that may seem like a mild week, for me it was hard, and I'm still recovering.

Unfortunately, the world doesn't stand still while I recover, which means today I have to get some groceries and mow the lawn, or else risk the wrath of my landlord if he drives by and sees it full of dandelions. And later this week I have another appointment with the doctor, for another B12 injection.

And at some point, hopefully, the people from social services will call me back and arrange an initial appointment, so there's a possibility that this week might also have that in store for me.

I'd love to spend a few days sleeping well and doing little but resting and recovering from all this running around. Who knows how likely I am to get that, though.


I love that the weather has been turning chilly at night and in the mornings lately. The days are still pretty warm, sometimes too warm when the humidity really gets going, but the nights are refreshing, and it feels good to be able to drink tea without overheating or to bury myself under comfortable blankets without sweating to death!


Toasted cheese buns for a snack, and then souvlaki in the morning. I'm already looking forward to delicious chicken on skewers!


[Edit] - Only an hour after posting this, it started raining pretty heavily, so I guess I'm not going to be mowing the lawn today after all! I'll still have to do it, but it seems a lot easier to handle, knowing I only have to do two things now instead of three.
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