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On Friday morning, I have an appointment with social services to see what I qualify for, if anything. I have my fingers crossed for a bit of help, even if it's just a bit. Financial help would be wonderful right now.

I'm not so fond of the way they do medical and dental coverage, however. It's not so much insurance as they only cover people who have need, and it's not automatic when you're on social assistance for other things. For them to approve me for dental help to get a bunch of cavities filled, they require a quote from a dentist to show how much it will cost, which will help them determine how much they can help me with.

Which sounds fine, until you realise that just getting that quote means an appointment with the dentist, which costs money, which may or may not be reimbursed in the end. I might go to the dentist and pay $100, find out I need $2000 worth of work done, then find out that social assistance only covers up to $500, which means that the remaining $1600 is on me to pay, and that's before I even find out if I can get assistance to help me pay for things like groceries and rent.

It's great that they might be able to help. But before I find that out, I'll need to spend money I don't really have, just to explore the possibility of getting help. It seems like it would be much easier to just give a semi-tolerable insurance plan to people on social assistance, so that if an emergency happens (and yes, dental emergencies do happen), then the person in question doesn't need to worry about delaying treatment or wondering how they're even going to pay for something because the program in place to help people isn't actually that helpful in those matters.

It's frustrating.

But I suppose there's not much point in worrying about it until Friday, when I have my appointment, and then I can find out what's what. Right now, even a little bit of help, even a few hundred dollars a month, would go a long way to making my life a lot easier.

The joys of being unable to find work, combined with generally having been too sick to do so in the first place, but not so sick that you qualify for disability.
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