Aug. 25th, 2016

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I went to back to the doctor for my first vitamin B12 injection today. It went well, only stung a little, in that way that things will when you're forcing liquid into muscle.

On my way out, he called me back in to ask about my teeth. I said I knew I had cavities, and he informed me that I also had gingivitis, and my gums have severely receded, so I needed to see a dentist as soon as I could. Oh, I don't have a dentist and don't have regular work? Well, here's a note to give to social services, telling them you need to at least be on their program so you can get medical and dental coverage so you can get those cavities filled, and they'll probably help with living expenses too. Okay, have a great day.

I was floored. Of all the doctors I've seen in the past decade or so, not one of them has given enough of a damn to do more than treat the immediate problem at hand, and some of them wouldn't even do that until they were practically strong-armed into doing so. This doctor noticed an additional problem that he was under no obligation to help with (the clinic where he works has a 1-problem-per-visit policy), and gave me advice on not only taking care of it but also help to get something that will improve much of my life. Finding work around here is hard, finances have been tight, and help would be great, but I didn't realise I was entitled to social assistance. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind.

But because I have a long-running medical problem and need additional care immediately and possibly additional care later on, he took it upon himself to help me.

It's actually a little bit amazing. I'd forgotten that people could actually be that nice, especially doctors. I'm really used to doctors blaming me for my problems rather than helping me fix them.

So tomorrow, I have to find where social services is around here, and take that note to them so I can get on the assistance program. I think some people would be ashamed of having to go on it. Me, if what the doctor says is to be believed, I'm too relieved to be ashamed. Even if all I get is the medical and dental assistance and no financial assistance, that will help me take care of the teeth that I know have been problems for a long time. If they think I need financial assistance too, then I won't say no, because financial assistance would be a huge help and would go a long way to helping take care of some other problems, but at the moment, just being able to get help with medical and dental is enough of a load off my mind to make all thoughts of shame fly from my head. I've been through enough medical hell in my life to feel ashamed about getting help.


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