Dec. 2nd, 2016

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There's a hard rain coming down right now, icy and cold, and just hearing it hit the windows makes me want to crawl under a heated blanket and not come out until spring. The temperature is below freezing, too, so probably this is all going to turn to horribly icy slush underfoot, and I don't have winter boots yet, so even going out to get some will be an ordeal.

Not to mention that trying to walk over and through icy terrain with a cane isn't fun even on good days. The cane helps me balance, but it's not going to save me if both it and my feet slip out from under me.

I wish I could just stay inside until winter ends. Have my groceries delivered, have a job that I can do without having to leave the front door, generally be comfortable and not have to worry about getting cold and wet (which usually means I get sick), or risk falling (which is bad for obvious reasons) or any number of things that winter makes inconvenient.

I know, I'm griping like a curmudgeon. I'm an adult; I'm allowed.


I've been having fun browsing through a number of pages on The Cutting Room Floor, a website that goes into detail about a number of dummied-out content or localization/translation changes in video games. A lot of it is stuff I already knew, at least for games I'm familiar with, but looking at random games yields some interesting stuff now and again, and I'm often curious about behind-the-scenes aspects of things I do. This nicely satisfies some of my curiosity.


I'm almost three quarters through Closer to the Chest. I've been neglected it a bit these past few days, I really ought to have finished it by now, but apparently I'm just in a bit of a lazy mood. Maybe I'll settle down with it and finish it tonight. It's okay, but as I mentioned earlier, the unsubtle moralizing is irritating compared to what the author used to be able to convey in earlier books.


I've had the weirdest urge to rewatch Digimon Adventure lately. The subbed versions, not the dubbed ones. And of course Netflix has removed that version, as has the Funimation website. So I pretty much have no way of actually watching the things I want to watch. And this irritates me.

Doubly so because by the time I can find copies to watch, the urge will probably have passed because it went unfulfilled for long enough.


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