Dec. 8th, 2016

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Played a bit further in DemiKids: Dark. I collected enough Dredogs to fuse into a Leogard, and enough Skeltos to get Lich, and finally got my player level to the point where I could fuse all the Jack Frost I'd been saving into King Icy. I'm about to go into Limbo Prison, and I think I'm decently prepared for it, what with King Icy being level 33 and Lich and Leogard are levels 27 and 28 respectively, and Gale's not that high a level buy his stats are comparable to everyone else's.

I swear, rank-increased demons are the only way to get through this game comfortably. I can get a few demons from any given area and fuse them into something a couple of levels higher than anything else around, but that advantage disappears as soon as I walk into a new area, where the demons also go up in level. Nothing gains experience in this game, and the only way to get stronger is by fusion. A difference of only a couple of levels means constantly healing and using up MP. Increased-rank demons (demons who can be fused together enough times that they turn into a completely different demon) are usually 8-10 levels above everything else in the area where the base demon can be found, and by the time they start to be less useful, there've been a couple of areas where there are new demons that can changed in the same way. So it takes an age to get enough of the right demon, but it ends up being the only way you don't spend all your time struggling in the game.

Plus the added bonus of all those battles giving you more money, I suppose. I definitely have way more money than I need at this point, since I wandered around for so long to find all the Skeltos and Dredogs.


I find myself really missing the old days of fandom. I miss the days when I felt like I could randomly stumble across a community of like-minded individuals who, even if they wouldn't share the same love of the same fandom, would at least understand when I talked about the weirdly appealing dynamics of the crack-pairing on my mind, or trying to puzzle out how this theory worked in that universe, and so on.

That's not to say that such fandom doesn't exist now. It's just that I don't know where it is, or else everyone's talking about stuff I haven't seen or played yet, and I feel uncomfortable breaking into such conversations. As it is, I'm still playing old GBA games and craving a Digimon rewatch and wondering if anyone even ships Auron/Braska/Jecht anymore.

I guess part of missing those days isn't just missing the fandom aspects. I also miss finding people into similar fandoms and reading about the other cool stuff they have going on in their lives. I learned so much. I felt like even if they didn't know me, I knew a bit about them, so it was almost like having friends. It's something I'm not really sure I know how to recapture.

Some of this nostalgia I know has come from watching Watashi ga Motete Dou Sunda (Kiss Him, Not Me), and the way Serinuma acts is like a scaled-up version of how I used to be. Excited over new character merchandise, considering purchasing doujinshi (even though I couldn't read Japanese...), attempting to draw so that I could draw my favourite characters, happy to find someone to be a fan with. I miss it. It's silly, but I miss it.


The landlord is coming by tomorrow to change the filters in the oil tank. Which will require me to interrupt my sleep patterns, because I sleep during the day and he, like a normal person, sleeps at night. Not really looking forward to that, because it also means spending a bunch of tonight cleaning up (the kitchen table is messy, the stairs need to be vacuumed, etc), but at least he doesn't come by very often anymore, since realising that I'm not some twit who's incapable of, say, vacuuming out the filters of a heater I don't even use. (He originally wanted to come by once a month to clean those filters, despite me preferring oil heat because the heat pump only heats about half of one floor of the house due to its placement, but once he wrapped his head around the idea that I could vacuum the stupid things myself, and then just did so, he stopped thinking he needed to come by so often.)


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