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I finished Mercedes Lackey's Closer to the Chest (which turned out to be more enjoyable than I first feared, especially given the somewhat awkward beginning), and started on Claire Frank's Assassin's Charge, which is okay but it's not really doing much for me.

Still, "okay" is better than "bad," so I'll keep reading.


I'm more amused than I probably ought to be at this site, which does fortune-telling based on the kanji in a person's name. I spent some time a while ago figuring out what my name would be in Japanese, paying attention to meaning and to the list of kanji that can be used for name, and at least according to that site, it seems like I do best when I'm allowed the space to be myself, and that I'm not one to do things by halves. Among other things. Which isn't something I didn't know, and frankly is applicable to most people, but it did amuse me to read.


I've been getting through my backlog of reviews that need to be written. If I do 2-3 a day, it shouldn't take me too long, and I'm pretty much at a manageable level right now anyway. The most annoying ones are food-based, because I can only make and eat so much during the day, so while it doesn't take me long to form an impression or write about said impression, it takes me longer to get through food reviews because I have to space them out like that.


I did some brainstorming for a few blog posts and writing projects for the rest of this month. Nothing spectacular, nothing ground-breaking, but they need to be written, and at least now I have the initial stuff out of the way. So that's something. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is figuring out what to write. Once that part's out of the way, at least the bare bones of the rest can flow easily, and can be fleshed out later if need be.


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