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According to the doctor, I have a severe vitamin B12 deficiency that's serious enough to cause disability or death if left untreated. Treatment will be weekly injections, followed by monthly injections, along with oral supplements. Apparently since it takes years to get levels as low as I have, and since I'm not vegan, not a senior citizen, and haven't had parts of my digestive system removed, chances are high that the problem is with my body's ability to absorb the vitamin, which means that even if oral supplements will normalize everything, I'll still need far more than most people get in order to absorb that amount my body needs.

I can look forward to this for the rest of my life, evidently. Oh joy oh bliss.

This could go a long way to explaining many of the health problems I've experienced over the years, though, and I'm glad it was caught before symptoms grew worse than they already are. As it is, I've already started to show nerve involvement, which may or may not be reversible at this stage.

I have more blood tests scheduled for Wednesday morning, when I'll also go get the first B12 injection. I'm not really looking forward to either, but if it can reveal how far some of the damage has gone, and help me get better, then I'll definitely do it. The alternative is likely dementia, disability, and death in 10-20 years, none of which I'm a fan of.


I'm going to try to finish Andrew Lynch's Demi Heroes tonight. It's a decent book, with good humour, even if it feels a bit slogging in places. I'm enjoying the satire, at least.


A copy of Ken Liu's The Wall of Storms arrived in the mail today. This thrills me, because I loved The Grace of Kings, so I'm really excited to read its sequel.


It's a bit disappointing to see how sunrise is getting later and later each day. Just another part of the year's closing, of course, and it does mean that autumn is approaching and thus the ridiculously hot and humid weather will soon be in the past for another while, but I liked seeing the sun rise at 5 Am instead of just starting to see the beginning of pre-dawn light at 5:45.


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