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2016-11-30 04:23 am

Pressing Onward

I feel a fair bit better today than I did yesterday. Granted, I had a hard time falling asleep despite taking NyQuil, and I don't feel completely recovered, but it's still an improvement, and I'll take it.

Right now I'm sitting under a heated blanket with a mug of tea next to me, so I'm able to stay warm even while I'm pretending to be a productive person who follows up on their responsibilities.

Though I guess in fairness to me, I have been actually productive tonight. I've written and scheduled 2 blog posts (other than this one, I mean), plus I wrote reviews for 3 products, so that's something.


It's snowing. For the third day in a row. It hasn't been snowing the whole way through, because yeesh, even Canada isn't that bad, but it's enough to really make me feel that winter is pretty much here. Which means I can look forward to feeling cold for about 5 months.

Yes, there are worse things in the world. Doesn't mean I have to like this one.


I started playing Vagrant Story this morning. Well, started replaying it, though technically it's been so long that the whole thing may as well be new to me. I had to do a little research to figure out weapon affinities, and that's in addition to the typical in-game stuff like the difference between your HP and whether or not parts of your body are functioning properly. It's a surprisingly in-depth game, and I think it's one that could be enjoyed both casually and by people looking to take their time and master every damn aspect until they become like gods.

And there's enough to master to keep such players busy for a long time, by the look of it.

I've only played a couple of hours. I'm not very far. But I'm enjoying myself, and that's what counts.

And of course, it's nice to play an old-school game that relies on butt-shots and badass prophets to catch my attention (and it works every time)!
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2016-11-29 02:11 am
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Returning, hopefully more consistantly.

Holy crap, it's been a while since I updated this. Not surprising, since I often start blogs and then drop them because things like Facebook make talking about my life pretty convenient. But there's still something so nice about personal blogs, so eh, may as well return to this.

Though sadly, not much has really happened in my life since I stopped updating. Still unemployed, still on Social Assistance, still doing the same old stuff I was doing before.

...This entry got boring quickly...


In the middle of reading Mercedes Lackey's Closer to the Chest. It's okay so far, about the same quality I've come to expect from her recent Valdemar novels, which is to say that the moralizing has gotten extremely unsubtle compared to her earlier works. It's always a shame to see a beloved author's books go so far downhill, though that being said, it's not like they've declined so far that I won't read them. I just don't get the same enjoyment from them that I once did, and I find the blatant moralizing to be very annoying, but I'll still read them as quick comfort reads, so I suppose that says something.


Came down with a cold yesterday. Sore throat and very inflamed sinuses today. I blame the snowstorm yesterday. I know that really isn't the cause, since whatever I caught must have had time to incubate, but lousy weather usually tips my immunity over the edge and lets things flourish where otherwise I might be able to resist, so probably the storm at least had the effect of making it worse.

Plus today there's a pervading chill that's keeping snow on the ground, and that's not helping matters.


A total of 9 items showed up for review today, which is probably the most I've ever gotten at one time. A few require only minimal testing, so I was able to get 2 reviews done tonight, and I'll probably be able to do another 2 tomorrow, too. So that's good. Really, I'll probably be able to get reviews written for them all by the end of the week.

Of course, I know there's more stuff coming, but still. I want to be able to keep somewhat on top of things, and 2 reviews a night isn't that taxing.

If only I could find a way to make money doing this. I saw somebody earlier today say she once had a reviewing gig that paid $10 per review, which doesn't sound like much, but if I got everything I received today reviewed by the end of the week, that would be $90 in my pocket, at that rate. And right now, that would be a fantastic boost to my bank account.
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2016-08-30 12:24 am
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Social Assistance

On Friday morning, I have an appointment with social services to see what I qualify for, if anything. I have my fingers crossed for a bit of help, even if it's just a bit. Financial help would be wonderful right now.

I'm not so fond of the way they do medical and dental coverage, however. It's not so much insurance as they only cover people who have need, and it's not automatic when you're on social assistance for other things. For them to approve me for dental help to get a bunch of cavities filled, they require a quote from a dentist to show how much it will cost, which will help them determine how much they can help me with.

Which sounds fine, until you realise that just getting that quote means an appointment with the dentist, which costs money, which may or may not be reimbursed in the end. I might go to the dentist and pay $100, find out I need $2000 worth of work done, then find out that social assistance only covers up to $500, which means that the remaining $1600 is on me to pay, and that's before I even find out if I can get assistance to help me pay for things like groceries and rent.

It's great that they might be able to help. But before I find that out, I'll need to spend money I don't really have, just to explore the possibility of getting help. It seems like it would be much easier to just give a semi-tolerable insurance plan to people on social assistance, so that if an emergency happens (and yes, dental emergencies do happen), then the person in question doesn't need to worry about delaying treatment or wondering how they're even going to pay for something because the program in place to help people isn't actually that helpful in those matters.

It's frustrating.

But I suppose there's not much point in worrying about it until Friday, when I have my appointment, and then I can find out what's what. Right now, even a little bit of help, even a few hundred dollars a month, would go a long way to making my life a lot easier.

The joys of being unable to find work, combined with generally having been too sick to do so in the first place, but not so sick that you qualify for disability.
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2016-08-29 04:42 am
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Another Day in the Life

Finished reading Andrew Lynch's Demi Heroes, as planned, and just a few moments ago I also finished Kyra Halland's Beneath the Canyons. It was okay, but nothing special.

I also started Robert Jordan's The Fires of Heaven, since I'm doing a massive Wheel of Time reread. Well, partially a re-read, since I think I only read to the end of the seventh book when I read them the first time, and now the series has finished and there are so many more books to it, so soon enough I'll be reaching material I haven't seen before. As it is, it's been long enough since I first read it that many of the events have been forgotten, so it's half like reading the books for the first time anyway.

And for my third trick book, I've started re-reading Ferrett Steinmetz's The Flux, since the third book in the series is being released soon and I want to catch up so that I can fully enjoy it when it's out.


My health hasn't been that great for the past few days. I've been feeling tired, run-down, and probably most of that is because I actually did far more than normal last week. 2 doctor's appointments, a visit to the hospital for bloodwork, the pharmacy for more medications, the farmer's market because there's a wonderful stall that sells sweets every Saturday, and one of the days on which I didn't do much was preceded by insomnia. Plus I don't have as much energy as most people, due to ongoing health problems, so even though that may seem like a mild week, for me it was hard, and I'm still recovering.

Unfortunately, the world doesn't stand still while I recover, which means today I have to get some groceries and mow the lawn, or else risk the wrath of my landlord if he drives by and sees it full of dandelions. And later this week I have another appointment with the doctor, for another B12 injection.

And at some point, hopefully, the people from social services will call me back and arrange an initial appointment, so there's a possibility that this week might also have that in store for me.

I'd love to spend a few days sleeping well and doing little but resting and recovering from all this running around. Who knows how likely I am to get that, though.


I love that the weather has been turning chilly at night and in the mornings lately. The days are still pretty warm, sometimes too warm when the humidity really gets going, but the nights are refreshing, and it feels good to be able to drink tea without overheating or to bury myself under comfortable blankets without sweating to death!


Toasted cheese buns for a snack, and then souvlaki in the morning. I'm already looking forward to delicious chicken on skewers!


[Edit] - Only an hour after posting this, it started raining pretty heavily, so I guess I'm not going to be mowing the lawn today after all! I'll still have to do it, but it seems a lot easier to handle, knowing I only have to do two things now instead of three.
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2016-08-25 12:52 am
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Health update

I went to back to the doctor for my first vitamin B12 injection today. It went well, only stung a little, in that way that things will when you're forcing liquid into muscle.

On my way out, he called me back in to ask about my teeth. I said I knew I had cavities, and he informed me that I also had gingivitis, and my gums have severely receded, so I needed to see a dentist as soon as I could. Oh, I don't have a dentist and don't have regular work? Well, here's a note to give to social services, telling them you need to at least be on their program so you can get medical and dental coverage so you can get those cavities filled, and they'll probably help with living expenses too. Okay, have a great day.

I was floored. Of all the doctors I've seen in the past decade or so, not one of them has given enough of a damn to do more than treat the immediate problem at hand, and some of them wouldn't even do that until they were practically strong-armed into doing so. This doctor noticed an additional problem that he was under no obligation to help with (the clinic where he works has a 1-problem-per-visit policy), and gave me advice on not only taking care of it but also help to get something that will improve much of my life. Finding work around here is hard, finances have been tight, and help would be great, but I didn't realise I was entitled to social assistance. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind.

But because I have a long-running medical problem and need additional care immediately and possibly additional care later on, he took it upon himself to help me.

It's actually a little bit amazing. I'd forgotten that people could actually be that nice, especially doctors. I'm really used to doctors blaming me for my problems rather than helping me fix them.

So tomorrow, I have to find where social services is around here, and take that note to them so I can get on the assistance program. I think some people would be ashamed of having to go on it. Me, if what the doctor says is to be believed, I'm too relieved to be ashamed. Even if all I get is the medical and dental assistance and no financial assistance, that will help me take care of the teeth that I know have been problems for a long time. If they think I need financial assistance too, then I won't say no, because financial assistance would be a huge help and would go a long way to helping take care of some other problems, but at the moment, just being able to get help with medical and dental is enough of a load off my mind to make all thoughts of shame fly from my head. I've been through enough medical hell in my life to feel ashamed about getting help.
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2016-08-23 04:56 am
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Entry the First

According to the doctor, I have a severe vitamin B12 deficiency that's serious enough to cause disability or death if left untreated. Treatment will be weekly injections, followed by monthly injections, along with oral supplements. Apparently since it takes years to get levels as low as I have, and since I'm not vegan, not a senior citizen, and haven't had parts of my digestive system removed, chances are high that the problem is with my body's ability to absorb the vitamin, which means that even if oral supplements will normalize everything, I'll still need far more than most people get in order to absorb that amount my body needs.

I can look forward to this for the rest of my life, evidently. Oh joy oh bliss.

This could go a long way to explaining many of the health problems I've experienced over the years, though, and I'm glad it was caught before symptoms grew worse than they already are. As it is, I've already started to show nerve involvement, which may or may not be reversible at this stage.

I have more blood tests scheduled for Wednesday morning, when I'll also go get the first B12 injection. I'm not really looking forward to either, but if it can reveal how far some of the damage has gone, and help me get better, then I'll definitely do it. The alternative is likely dementia, disability, and death in 10-20 years, none of which I'm a fan of.


I'm going to try to finish Andrew Lynch's Demi Heroes tonight. It's a decent book, with good humour, even if it feels a bit slogging in places. I'm enjoying the satire, at least.


A copy of Ken Liu's The Wall of Storms arrived in the mail today. This thrills me, because I loved The Grace of Kings, so I'm really excited to read its sequel.


It's a bit disappointing to see how sunrise is getting later and later each day. Just another part of the year's closing, of course, and it does mean that autumn is approaching and thus the ridiculously hot and humid weather will soon be in the past for another while, but I liked seeing the sun rise at 5 Am instead of just starting to see the beginning of pre-dawn light at 5:45.